Frosty Days

It’s been a strange few weeks for us, after my husband lost his friend, the girls both being sick and then the dreaded anniversary of our son on Thursday.  Finally though, the sickness bug seems to have left our girls, we have kind of pulled ourselves back together again and so yesterday and today have been outdoors days again.  Time to blow away the cobwebs, the hurt, the anger.  Just get outside, enjoy the fresh frosty air, get excited about Christmas and be thankful for the fact that we as a family unit are all alive and well.

It has been really bitterly cold with the wind coming straight down from the North, we’ve had the first few really hard frosts and I suspect snow isn’t far away, the snow suits and boots are out in preparation!

We’ve spent our days, trying to get rid of some of the leaves and filling up the bird feeders, we went out and bought a big bag of seed that should keep them going until January.  So we filled up the feeders, made some more pine cone feeders and filled up a water drinker for them.  Then of course it was time for some ice breaking!  I realised the top had been left off the sandpit during the rain, this was now frozen into a solid sheet of ice.  So there was much fun sliding across the surface and trying to break free the football that was frozen into it!

Being back in the outside world feels good, I feel like a whole new person again.  I really don’t function well, being cooped up and neither do the girls, so these past couple of days have been like one massive release for us all :)

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7 thoughts on “Frosty Days

  1. It’s so true, although I dislike the cold I also need to get outside in the fresh air and do something to keep myself balanced mentally. I notice the boys struggle if they are in the house too long, fresh definitely calms them. Sounds like emotionally you’ve had a tough week. Hope you are ok, sending a hug. x

    • My 2 are like caged tigers if they don’t get out regardless of the weather! It has been a rough few weeks Sarah, but we are on the upside again thank you x

  2. Glad you are bug free and able to get out again. We have been outdoors all weekend and I have to say I feel so much better for it, it was only family chores on th farm but when the kids muck in with us it becomes quality family time, looks like this was the case for you too. thank you for linking up to Country Kids.

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