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Could Feng Shui be the answer to our sleep and stress problems?

Both an art and a science, Feng Shui is a blend of geography, mathematics, astrology, physics, philosophy, local traditional folk beliefs and intuition, with a healthy dose of common sense thrown in for good measure. One of the basic, underlying tenets behind Feng Shui is that by imitating and reflecting the balance found in nature, we can attain harmony within our lives.

When decorating using Feng Shui you must take into consideration that there is energy in everything, including land, buildings, colours and time itself. Feng Shui explores the relationship between all these different types of energy, evaluating how a specific location and environment interacts with the individual.

The orientation and layout of your home, garden or business can impact your life either positively or negatively. The same principle is applied to its contents, every single item inside your home, the furniture used, the fabrics; even your mattress topper could have an impact on the energy of your surroundings.

When it comes to our children’s bedroom, choosing the right material and placing their beds facing their auspicious directions could help them be at ease, making them sleep better and causing you less stress.

I am a firm believer in intuition, which also plays a part in Feng Shui. How often, for example, have you instinctively chosen a house or positioned a piece of furniture just because it ‘felt right’? How often have you sensed an atmosphere of happiness or discontent, simply by walking into a room? Always trust your intuitive feelings.

Although Feng Shui is an in-depth study that includes birthdates, colours, numerology, textures and other factors of compatibility with the individual’s element; there are simple rules that everyone can observe to help bring harmony into their lives by increasing the flow of positive energy in their environment.

One of the basic and most important rules of Feng Shui is to remove clutter from your life. That also means negative people who are only there to take advantage, to surround you and your family with negative feelings such as envy or jealousy. Clutter and dirt create stagnant Chi (energy) obstructing the flow of positive energy into your life. The actual process of cleaning and clearing can also be very beneficial as you are symbolically removing unwanted elements in your life and creating order out of chaos.

Mirrors have the effect of ‘doubling’ up whatever it is they are reflecting. Therefore, care has to be taken when placing them. Beware of placing a mirror so that it reflects a toilet. On the other hand, placing a mirror opposite a till symbolically doubles up the money. Mirrors should not reflect your bed; this can lead to sleeping difficulties and also symbolically doubles up the number of people in a room, which may signify infidelity.

Decorate your home or office using plants and flowers, preferably round-leaved since these help clear out the bad energy. Spiky leaves and plants e.g. cacti, Yucca Palms, can create a ‘spiky’ atmosphere. Remove dead flowers or plants and avoid dried flowers as these emanate negative energy.

Following these simple steps could bring some positive changes into your life, but you’ll never know until you try, right?

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