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We were given a fantastic opportunity with Stena Line to review their newly refurbished ships.  We decided to combine it with a trip to Blackpool and specifically Nickelodeon Land.  The girls both love Dora the Explorer and Diego, so we thought they’d enjoy this.

The ferry that we sailed over on was an overnight crossing to Birkenhead, so they got the opportunity to stay up late, get out on deck at night and then sleep in a ships cabin.  It caused major excitement, but unbelievably they slept, they actually went to bed quite happily and slept.

The Stena Mersey


It was an early start the next morning as the ship docks at 06:30.  We kept them in their jammies and they fell asleep again in the car, all the way to Blackpool.  After getting them washed, breakfasted and dressed at our hotel, we headed for the Pleasure Beach and Nickelodeon Land.


We were there for opening time, so the big crowds hadn’t gathered yet.  The girls were on complete sensory overload.  They were loving every second of it, despite both of them being tired.  We let our eldest choose which rides we were going on – rather shockingly she wanted to go on “The Big One” The Pepsi Max!  Thankfully for my sake, she is much too little to even sit in the carriage, never mind ride it, because there is no way in this earth that I would get on that thing to accompany her.


We had enormous fun though on all the rides that they could go on.  Lots of them were water rides, like the Rug Rats Ride which is a log flume.  Me and daddy ended up soaked and the two of them were bone dry and found it hilarious that we both had to stand inside the big dryers to try and get rid of some of the water!

Dora Boat

They also got a chance to meet some of the characters, Boots – Dora’s monkey friend, Diego and then Dora herself.  Their little faces just beamed with delight all day.  We even managed to see the dancing fountain show while we ate lunch and they were mesmerised by it.  It is lots of fountains that they shoot quite high into the air in patterns set to music.

By late afternoon though, they were totally exhausted.  We had been there for five hours, they didn’t want to leave though, so it was beginning to become a bit of a fight to get them out.  Then daddy saved the day by managing to win both a George Pig and a Dora doll from a coconut shy.  So with the girls happily engrossed in their new “friends” we went back to our hotel for a rest, before hitting the swimming pool for the rest of the day.

Dora George

They really had fantastic day and I was amazed at how much stamina they both have, especially our little girl, she’s only 19 months old, but she was up for everything and managed to keep the pace with her big sister.

After our stay in Blackpool we drove up to Scotland to stay, before getting the ferry back home.  So we’ve had a very busy, tiring but enormously fun week.  I now need another holiday to recover :)

sun deck

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22 thoughts on “Exploring with Dora – #Country Kids

    • I would definitely take them back to Nickelodeon land, they enjoyed it so much and I think if they were both a year older they could go on even more x

  1. What a fabulous break! I love it when the journey itself actually feels like part of the holiday. The looks of delight on their faces at Nickelodean Land are wonderful. I particularly like the one of your little girl in the
    Pleasure Beach sign! We’ve never been to Blackpool (I didn’t even know that Nickelodean Land existed!) – but I imagine it’s a lot of fun :) And then some time in Scotland – what could be better ;)

    • We did have a great time Sara. I think Nickelodeon land isn’t that old and they love Dora so much that when I realised it was there we had to go. Scotland for the return trip was a must for us. I always enjoy some time there. I’m going back again to Scotland soon :)

  2. fabulous break and lovely pics. Gutted i missed you though but thrilled you had a great time xx

    • I know, we are daft not to have finalised a plan Sarah. I will definitely be back over though, the ferry was so easy to do with them and they loved the pleasure beach so much, that I’ll bring them back soon x

  3. Looks like a very busy week with plenty to keep the girls happy. Lovely photos from the pleasure beach. I haven’t been since I was a child! Thanks for sharing with me on Country Kids.

    • I’m exhausted Fiona! They could of stayed even longer, I’m definitely getting old, no staying power anymore :)

  4. My girls would have been in heaven there!! Boots, Dora and George…what a special day! looks like so much fun and what an adventure going over on the ferry….sounds like they coped with it really well, we are yet to try a trip with our twins…I am a bit scared! Thanks for sharing your beautiful week.

    • Thank you Jode. I was a bit worried about making the journey with them, but it did turn out to be really easy. It is tremendous fun and we will definitely take them back x

  5. One day I must make it to Blackpool! The best holidays are the ones you need a rest from after :) well for the kids anyway.

  6. looks like a great adventure. I’ll have to take my little ones to Nickelodeon land, I’m sure they’d love it.

  7. wow what a great adventure you all had! i have never been to Blackpool but it looks like a lot of fun and i can see why your girls loved it so much at Nickelodeon land!! I am always gobsmacked by how much energy and stamina my two have sometimes – i am ready to go to bed and they still keep going!! xx

  8. What a fantastic adventure and good time was had. I haven’t been to Blackpool for years and years – it’s so tacky and candy flossy that it’s wonderful – a jewel in the crown! So glad your girls had such a great time. X.

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