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It has been a dreadful week for weather here, we have had torrential rain and bitingly cold winds.  The girls have still been outside a lot though.  Daddy is working from home at the minute and they are loving being able to drag him out at every available opportunity.  I doubt he’s actually achieving much work!

I have a few less pictures this week, as he was in charge of my camera and it mysteriously stopped working.  He did manage a few though before that happened.

Our youngest daughter is a huge fan of the Julia Donaldson book, Superworm, so she was delighted to discover her very own Superworm.  They passed the worm about between them, taking turns at holding him – I am reliably informed, by the girls, that it was a him.  They are a little young for me to explain that earthworms are actually hermaphrodites, that’s a conversation that can wait a few years!

Wormswiggly worms, superwormwormsworms
Daddy eventually persuaded them to put poor old Superworm back into the soil and they headed off to see the baby calves. They really aren’t very old at all and our neighbour has them in our field for a couple of weeks, much to the delight of our eldest daughter.
The little calves were very scared and wary, but she stood in front of the gate and talked to them in the softest voice. I was amazed at her patience to just keep standing there, talking and watching these calves, she had her hand through the bars of the gates telling them that she was friendly and wouldn’t hurt them.  Her patience paid off, because eventually they all came right up to the gate to her and a couple of them even had a lick at her gloves.  This pleased her no end, she really does have a deep rooted love of nature and animals right now and I am fascinated watching her reactions and watching how she interacts with them.
meeting calves
They also took a trip to our local nature reserve to see the start of the migrating birds, but this is where he broke my camera!  It has gone now to be repaired, so hopefully, full photographic service will be resumed by next week. 

I am of course linking this post with my lovely friend Fiona from Coombe Mill for her fantastic Country Kids linky.  If you love being outdoors with your children, or are stuck for ideas for entertaining them outdoors, go and have a look, you will get inspiration and some smiles too.

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20 thoughts on “All Creatures Great and Small – Country Kids

  1. Love the photos of Superworm, he (!) looks like a wonderful wriggly chap :) It’s always great to see your eldest interacting with the animals, such a great thing to be so engaged and absorbed by. The calves are rather lovely x

  2. Actually it was a slug that promoted a whole educational chat on boys and girls with my then 5 year old – his teach even helped. Love Julia Donaldson and looking forward to seeing her exhibition tomorrow :)

  3. Impressed by the super worm! But especially by the calf whispering, so lovely to see such a little one show such patience with the calves, I’m glad it paid off and she got to see them so close up!

  4. Thank goodness for books that encourage children to think earthworms are good. Once saw a child try to drown a worm because it was “yucky”. (worm was rescued.) How patient of eldest to talk to the calves. I hope she continues to have an affinity with other creatures.

    • They really are fascinated by worms and get a thrill out of picking them up and having a close look. I would love her to keep her interest in nature.

  5. Love how the camera mysteriously stopped working when it was out of your hands! I hope it will be alright though, is it fixable? That worm got a lot of attention, I’m sure POD will get to that stage too. How fabulous to have calves so close, the girls must have loved seeing them. It’s lovely watching kids with animals isn’t it. The reserve sounds like it was great too :)

  6. That’s so wonderful how your daughter spoke so gently to the calves and that her patience was rewarded with them not being afraid of her. And lovely images to illustrate.

  7. As you say it’s lovely watching our child grow and embrace the world around them. Not partial to holding worms (well not since I was about 5 or 6) but can see why children are so fascinated by them, love the fact that they were convinced it was Superworm! thanks for linking up and sharing your fun and I hope the camera returns soon.

  8. Yes, I think I’m with you Nichola, hermaphroditism can wait a few years yet! Good on your girls for getting stuck in with the wiggly woos. A lovely post xxx

  9. I love the few pictures that you have for this post. Worms are so wiggly and fun to hold. Hope your camera comes back to you soon in working condition.

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