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We normally end up at my mother’s house at some point over the weekend.  As it happened we went on Sunday and a couple of my sisters were there too, so it was a full house.

Our girls were happily playing with toys, colouring and eating buns in the sitting room with Grandad.  The other adults were mainly spread out in the kitchen.  My mum has one of those “live in” type kitchens, it’s a big room with a settee and couple of armchairs at one end and a wood burner, so that is usually were we spend our time.

Grandad decided to go to the shop, leaving the girls playing happily.  I checked in on them a time or two and they were being as good as gold.  However, the next time I checked in, darling eldest daughter was standing in front of the flat screen tv, rubbing at it.  I asked her what she was doing, to which I got a “noching(nothing) mummy”  I never believe her when she says that!

I walked up to her and to my horror, she was colouring in the television screen with her crayons!!!  I instantly shouted “No, you mustn’t do that, you’ll ruin Granny’s tv”  she looked at me and said, but there is no colour, all the colour disappeared, like on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  Grandad, when he had gone out had left a black & white western on the television.  There is an episode of Mickey Mouse, where all the colour drains away and she thought this is what had happened and she could fix it!  Thank you Disney.

I stood there opening and closing my mouth like a guppy, I just couldn’t believe she’d done it.  The screen was covered in blue, red and yellow crayon.  If it had been our youngest girl, I wouldn’t have been surprised, she is a serial scribbler, she will draw on anything that crosses her path.  Our eldest though, has never done that, she has never been a wall drawer!

Half a tub of screen wipes later and I finally managed to remove the offending colouring, thank goodness.  I didn’t fancy having to splash out on a new television.  Privately we laughed about it, simply because it is so out of character with her.  Her future is mapped out though, her little sister will encourage her and put her up to all sorts of mischief and unfortunately she will always be the one that gets caught!

I’m never watching a black & white movie again!  Well not if either of my daughters have access to colouring implements.

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  1. That is so cute, and incredibly clever of her! :) I wanted to write a comment on your Little Balloon post above as well, but everything I thought of writing just sounded trite. So glad it was there the next day. A beautiful post. Emma

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