Cinderella Syndrome!

I love living in the countryside, I love the peace and quiet, I love being surrounded by nature and an abundance of wildlife.  I love that our daughters can play securely outside, with complete privacy and safety.  I know that they can’t be snatched from the doorstep by some random weirdo, the location of our house makes it virtually impossible for anyone to get near us without being seen or heard.

It can be a little isolated in winter, when it snows we tend to get snowed in and yes some days if we don’t get out, it can be lonely.  On the whole though it is a wonderful place to raise children.  Apart from two things that is!

Mice, bloody mice, they are everywhere, they move into the house regularly.  We have a year-long ongoing battle to keep the little blighter’s at bay. We have caught 8 in the last 3 days alone.  They get into the space between the downstairs ceilings and floors above.  They rumble around sounding like a bunch of badgers, instead of tiny little creatures.  They gnaw, scratch, scrape and scrabble about, making a complete racket, normally at around 3am!  Getting kept awake by my children is one thing, but by mice!

The other thing that I loathe are the “delightfully named” Devils Coach Horse Beetle.  These beasts appear every year from about mid September until November.  They are horrible things.  They are about 3cms long, shiny black with a nasty looking pain of pincers on the front.  What makes these little beasties so “charming” though is their ability to curl their tail upwards when threatened, so that they look like mini scorpions.  They can also spray a disgusting scent and apparently can give a nasty bite!  I can’t confirm that as I never let them hang about long enough to find out.  I’m afraid, I squash them, although that in itself is difficult to do.  They have quite a hard outer shell, so you need something hard to whack them with!

I have attached a photo of them in case you’ve never seen one of these beauties!  Stupidly I have no pictures of my own partly because they move so fast and also, by the time I think about photographing them, I’ve already flattened them!  So these pictures are from google.  I will try to remember to take a picture of the next one I get in the house, before I take my shoe to it!




So country living is great, full of positives,  but sometimes I can’t help wondering, with all these mice and other creatures invading our house, where is the Fairy Godmother.  If I go out and buy a pumpkin will it turn into a golden coach?  As I type this the pitter patter of tiny feet scurrying around is right above my head – AGAIN!



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2 thoughts on “Cinderella Syndrome!

  1. I feel a bit sick after looking at those photos of the beetle! I guess everything comes with a compromise… mice I could cope with, but I’m really not sure about the bugs! *shudder*

    • The beetles are awful, the first time I ever saw one I freaked out lol. I had to google them because I’d never seen them before and had no idea what they were, they move really quickly too – argh. We have been mouse free for about 2 days now, but I’m sure the next influx will happen any day now!

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