Cheats Never Prosper – Sometimes They Do!

I make no secret about loving entering giveaways and competitions online.  I’m not a “hardcore” seriously dedicated comper.  However, when I have the time I like to look through the competitions and enter the ones that I’d really like to win.  I have been marginally successful, nothing of major value, mainly because most of the ones I enter are for smaller value prizes.  I do occasionally enter the “win a dream holiday”, “win a car” type, because as the saying goes, you have to be in it to win it. Or at least I thought so.

Recently though I was reading a great blog post by Di Coke, or Super Lucky as she’s known.  Di is a brilliantly successful comper, she has been entering for many years and has learnt many of the best methods of creating an outstanding entry.  Hard work and effort on her part has netted her some amazing, enviable prizes.  So in my opinion she knows her stuff, she understands the comping world and the people within it.

I have made no secret about loathing voting competitions, especially those on Facebook, you know the kind, submit a photo, comment etc and then drum up support by spamming your friends and begging for votes. I am very cagey about putting family photos onto Facebook.  Yes my wall is full of photos of us, but I restrict and review who can see them.  Part of this comes from being Ex RUC and my hubby being ex Army.  Because we still live in Northern Ireland, we are still programmed to be aware of our personal security and of course there is an element of the population who still hate us because of the jobs we did.

The other reason though is that more often than not the best entry never wins, the person with the enormous friends list willing to vote for them wins.  I keep my Facebook friends list small, everyone on it are people who I actually know, but I have a friend who has over 900 people on hers, the majority of whom she has never laid eyes on or spoken to!  So someone like me has no chance of winning whatsoever, regardless of how good my entry is.

Reading Di’s blog though and this brilliant post here, it would appear that having a small friends list isn’t a problem.  There are ways of exchanging votes and worse still buying votes.  The vote exchange I don’t have a huge problem with, if you are a member of an online community and vote swap with another member who has entered a comp.  I still think it’s a little unfair, on those who put in tons of work and effort and get nowhere because someone has exchanged votes in an online community.

I read her posts with naive shock at the levels of underhanded activity and sadly too, cheating, that goes on.  I was gobsmacked at the lengths some people would go to in order to win.  In some of the cases for not even that significant a prize.  I totally recommend you give her blog a read.  I ended up spending about 2 hours just pouring over the information she had, the links that she included to some big brands competitions that were rife with cheating and arguments about the winners, in some cases winners were disqualified due to underhanded tactics being used against them and then the genuine “cheaters” winning. It fascinated me and stupidly I truly didn’t realise things like this went on.  Yes of course I know where there is competition, there will always be a cheat, I just had no idea there were that many or people who are that determined to win every prize. This post “entertained” and kept me reading for ages - Di’s Blog

For me it kind of ruins the spirit of competition, it makes me even less likely to enter a competition that requires some work and effort, if it would all be in vain.  The sooner that these promoters stop taking the “easy” route for them and judge the entries themselves the better.  More people might be inclined to enter.

I was daft enough to believe that entering a competition gave you as much of a chance as anyone else, now I’m not so sure that this is the case.  I’ve won a few things via Twitter, but what I have noticed is that Twitter competitions seem to be regularly won by the same person or persons.  There are names that come up that I now recognise because I see them win constantly.  So is this really chance in a non skill RT to win competition or is there more to it.  I guess I’ll never know the answer to that question, because I’d have to know how the draw was carried out, what mechanism they used.  I often wonder if your name comes up for one thing does this trigger something else within the way promoters chose from Twitter.  I say this because I won 3 times in one day and twice on another day and one particular name I see regularly will appear at least twice on their winning day. Their name seems to pop up several times a week. This person seems to be a prolific Twitter winner and it happens so often now that I am now doubting that it is all down to chance.

I’m not a sore loser, yes of course there are things I’d love to win and don’t, but I still get a little buzz out of entering and hoping that it might be me.  My bubble often deflates quite quickly though when the winner is announced and it’s the same person AGAIN!

I’ll just carry on though entering when I get a chance and who knows, maybe someday I’ll win a biggie :)

If you get the chance read Di’s blog posts, they are a real eye opener, be warned though, you are liable to get sucked into a reading frenzy and could be there for hours.





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2 thoughts on “Cheats Never Prosper – Sometimes They Do!

  1. Thanks so much for sharing my posts. I’ve spent way too much time in the last 12 months researching the murky underworld of voting competitions, but thankfully it seems more and more promoters are now running creative promotions and judging or choosing winners at random instead!

    As for Twitter, I rarely enter any comps on there. There’s no T&Cs, too many cheats tweeting from multiple accounts and (in my opinion) the comps are dull and the prizes are poor. There’s also no easy way for a company to pick a winner and in most cases (like in Facebook Like & Share comps) they will simply choose one of the most recent RTs – so it’s not fair on those who spotted the comp first and entered early. Many entries are filtered out of search results by Twitter, so established users/regular winners are more likely to get their tweet seen.

    Your best chance of winning – of course – comes from the ‘effort’ comps. Tiebreakers, photos, recipes – especially those on Facebook where you can see how many entries and the quality of entries you’re up against! This week I entered three Facebook comps where there were only 3 or 4 entries in each. I didn’t win, but it shows it’s possible to find them out there! Avoid voting comps and ‘Like and Shares’ as they’re just a cheat magnet…

    • Thanks again Di for letting me link to your brilliant blog. You truly opened my eyes to some of the unbelievable lengths some people will go to in order to win. I think you may be onto something with the whole Twitter comp thing. I really don’t believe now that it can always just be chance. The same person I mentioned in my post won again at least twice today!

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