Winter Little Adventures

Trees falling down in the wind seems to have become a bit of a winter ritual in our garden.  Every year without fail we lose at least a couple of them.  Although, I hate seeing them come down, it does mean that our log shed is always full and our fires are always roaring!

The girls love taking part in the log collecting and stacking.  So wrapped in their snowsuits and boots, they headed outside in the biting cold to help daddy with the chainsaw!  Although the moment he started it up, they ran screaming from the noise.


Once they realised that the chainsawing bit was all a bit boring and too noisy, they headed off to make snow angels and throw snow balls instead.


snow day

Eventually with bright red noses I managed to get them back indoors, with the promise of a big fire, hot chocolate and a feast of Barny Bears, sent to us as part of the #LittleAdventures challenge from Britmums.  We buy the chocolate Barny Bears regularly, but this time we were trying the new strawberry and apple flavoured ones.  The girls sat in front of the fire gorging on Barny.  The milk ones are still my favourite, I found the new fruit flavours very sweet.  Our youngest however, seems to have a penchant for the apple ones.  So I guess we’ll have to add these to the shopping now too!

Barny Bear
Barny Bear
Barny Bear1
This post is an entry for Britmums “Winter Little Adventures Challenge” sponsored by Barny, individually wrapped bear-shaped sponges with a hidden filling. Find out more about Barny here.

I Want to Ride My Bicycle – SatCap

Here she is the most independent child I’ve ever met, our 21 month old daughter determined to ride her sisters bike.  Although it’s hard to tell from the pictures, the bike is way too big for her and her feet barely reach the pedals, however, it doesn’t mean you can’t put all the gear on and pretend that you can ride it right?

Biker Girl


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All Creatures Great And Small – #CountryKids

It’s been a glorious week, wall to wall sunshine and scorching temperatures.  We have loved living outside, we’ve had breakfast, lunch and dinner in the garden, barely coming back into the house from early morning.

In between playing on the seesaw and sliding down our waterslide, I’ve been keen to feed my big girls love of all things nature.  We’ve been going on little creature hunts around the garden.  We heard some crickets in the garden – a very rare occurance, although we couldn’t actually find them.




We got up close to the bees and watched them working furiously.  She found a snail and just had to have it in a tub for a while to watch.  We’ve hunted for butterflies and ladybirds.  Using her Collins bird book she has been bird spotting.  We’ve rescued a baby mouse from the clutches of the cat – although she has also brought quite a few live adult ones to us too!


The best thing of all though was the arrival of my friends horse.  We normally have it over to graze our paddock every year and when it arrived, that was it, my daughters entire world is now dominated by “her” horse.  She goes to the gate every morning to say hello to it, I’ve had to buy an enormous bag of carrots which have to get chopped up and fed to it.  When she’s not standing gazing into the paddock, she’s talking about it.  She’ll be heartbroken when it has to leave again.  I’m predicting having to buy a pony at some point in the future, best start saving now!

meet a horse



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Dating 101

The internet is full of dating hints and tips, find your perfect match websites and all manner  of forums to introduce singles to each other.  I read this though and thought it was quite possibly the most useful piece of information I’ve ever read on line.  Study it carefully my friends, it may one day serve you well…………………………………




how to pick up chicks

How Does Your Garden Grow – July 11th

You don’t bring me flowers any more – the theme from prisoner Cell Block H, is the song I could have been singing this week.  However, my contribution to this weeks, How Does Your Garden Grow, hosted by the brilliantly funny Annie from Mammasaurus Blog is not filled with pictures of my incarceration, the Knotweed is not Knotweed!

On Tuesday a very cheery man from the DOE called to visit my rogue plant and after being squirted by the hose courtesy of my girls, he had a look and decided that it is in fact a plant called Goats beard, so I am not a nature criminal, my garden has in fact grown a goatie!  I have no idea where it came from, a present from the birds I suspect, but according to him they do get confused with Knotweed and like them they tend to favour damp ground.  That particular spot in the garden has a natural spring underneath it and our underground well is only a couple of metres from it, so presumably that’s why it took root there.  I’m glad we can keep it, because it is really pretty and as it’s not from the plant criminal underworld, I’ve included another picture of it.

My Garden Goatie


The weather has been scorching and we have been pretty much living outside.  The Pansies have all just opened at once and filled my pots to bursting.


 The Nasturtiums opened overnight, lovely sunny little yellow and orange heads, the butterflies seem to love them.


Just in time for the 12th July (a slightly contentious public holiday for some in NI – it’s a day of celebration for the Orange Order, commemorating the victory of William of Orange at the Battle of the Boyne in 1690)  My Orange Lillies have bloomed, the Orange Lily is tied onto bannerettes, drums etc during the band parades.  It always makes me laugh that every year they open at exactly this time.

orange lillies

My apples finally look as though they are going to produce some decent fruit and the Raspberries and Blackcurrants are following along nicely.


Raspberries Blackcurrants

Our potatoes have finally flowered and I should be able to dig up some of the earlies in a few days.  The cabbages have survived the invading bunnies and so far they have left my newest batch of lettuce alone.


Our “spooky” forest is all filled out and will be a great place for den building when the girls get older.

spooky forest

This glorious weather really makes me appreciate our garden space and the countryside that surrounds us.  The world is a much brighter place when the sun shines :)





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