I am an avid reader and normally have a book in my hand at some point every day.  I will read almost any genre of book, with the exception of the “celebrity” biographies that seem to be peddled everywhere.  I’m honestly just not that interested in what some ex soap or reality television “star” ate for breakfast, threw up or slept with.

I love books with a bit of mystery, hints of magic, secret sects and people.  The knights Templar, the Basques, the Cathars and in modern times The Resistance and the little side stories surrounding the war.  Set in places that although have been made fictional, do, by some other name exist.


Books are a uniquely portable magic – Stephen King


I have passed on my love of books on to our girls.  We read together constantly, not just at bedtime.  Their book collection grows every month and books are something that I never begrudge spending money on.  I love watching their faces as the story unfolds, as I make up silly voices and do silly actions.  Our eldest daughter is not yet 3 and desperately wants to learn how to read for herself.  Her favourite book at the minute is The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe – a bit advanced for her, I know, but I loved this book as a child and she chose it from the bookshelves and asked me to read it to her.  She now asks me to read her more Narnie (her version of Narnia) every night before bed!

We also go to our local library at least once a week.  The girls love sitting in the children’s area flicking through books and listening to the storyteller.  We have also taken part in a couple of their focus groups.  The last one was predominantly about parents attitudes to reading with young children.  They had sent questionnaires out via health visitors to parents of young children, not necessarily library users or members.  I was a bit surprised by some of the replies.  Of the 500 questionnaires that they sent out, they got 310 returned.  One of the questions was, how important was it for them to read to their baby?

At least half of the answers said that they didn’t do it and it was pointless to read to a baby.  Some answers said that they didn’t read to their babies and only read to their children when they started school and were learning to read themselves.  I really was stunned and a bit saddened by this.  One of the parts of motherhood that I couldn’t wait for, was the opportunity to read to my children and I have done since they were born.  Yes of course at a week old, they have absolutely no idea what I am saying.  I could be reading the telephone directory, but surely it wouldn’t matter, surely just the tone of voice that I use and the one on one interaction with them is priceless.

I have fond memories of being at home with my mum while my sisters were at school and every afternoon she would bring me up onto the chair beside her and read me Rupert the Bear stories.  This was our time, just me, her and Rupert.

I love getting hugged up with my girls on the sofa and reading, the closeness, the bond, the time together is precious.  I couldn’t imagine not snuggling up beside them at bed time and reading them over to sleep.  If our reading and book time were to be taken away from me, I’d be truly miserable.  If you don’t read to your children, I urge you to give it a go.  Snuggle up with them and read a simple little story.  I think you’ll love it and I bet they really will.

In my bid to promote the importance of reading to babies and children, two of my blog readers will have the opportunity to win a bag with a selection of children’s reading and activity books.

The winners will each receive a 100% cotton Great Britain book/shopper bag and the following titles. The Jungle Grapevine, Wolf Won’t Bite, Rabbit’s Spring Adventure, Hello Goodbye, Look out Stripy Horse and My Easter Activity Book.


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    • We buy so many books Jaime, we have the Look out Stripy Horse one and they love it, the others look lovely too, I may have to get them as well!

  1. We started reading to Little before bedtime (and during the day) when she was only 4/5 months old. And surprise, surprise, she absolutely adores books now – and loves the library. She’s only just turned three, and reading is her favourite thing to do!

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