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We have had a glorious week of weather and although I now have a “big” nursery school girl, we’ve been out enjoying the September sunshine every day.  One of our favourite things to do at this time of year is to go Blackberrying.


 We took a basket and headed for the hedgerows around our fields and lanes. This year they are just bursting with berries.  Some of them are still very green and will be another couple of weeks until they can be picked.  However, we found scores of fat purple berries just waiting for little fingers and mouths!

 berry picking

We filled our basket and ate some, filled it up again and a certain little person ate some more!


We walked the whole way to the bottom of the longest lane.  Stopped to say hello to the baby cows and then spotted the bigger ones in the next field.  They caused great excitement because Mr Bull was in there too (not the enormous monster bull with the ring through his nose, but a big boy all the same.)



cows at gatebull

Once I decided he’d had enough of us gawping over the gate at him, we made our way back up the lane towards home.  The promise of Apple and Blackberry crumble had the girls happily skipping along.

They took turns at carrying their precious cargo.  However, baby sister began to lag behind a little and each time I turned around to see what she was doing, she quickly turned her head away.  I discovered of course, the fatal flaw in my plan of basket sharing.  She was scoffing the contents when she thought we weren’t looking.  Her purple mouth and fingers a dead giveaway!.

berry stealer

berry Face

It was a fun afternoon and they loved seeking out the ripe berries.  Did I make an apple and blackberry crumble?  Did I heck, by the time we reached home there was only a handful left.  We will go again for more at the weekend and this time I’ll carry the basket home!

berry fingers
It’s that time of the week again, time to link up with the fabulous Fiona from Coombe Mill for the brilliant Country Kids linky.  A chance to share our outdoor fun with our children.
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23 thoughts on “Berries and Brambles – Country Kids

  1. Fabulous! I love the last two pictures of the purple hands and face – my wee girl would do exactly the same! In fact she did earlier today, only sadly with mini peanut butter cups (mine!), that I had spilled – she’s fast… I haven’t been blackberry picking for years, such a lovely thing to do. I hope you get your crumble next time, probably best if you carry the basket :)

    • She is a rascal Sara, it was the sneaky way she was doing it too! I have now made a crumble I got more berries at the weekend :)

  2. Your blackberry picking photos are fabulous! I love the colours in the “berries and brambles” one. All this picking this week..and I don’t have any for myself so I am determined to get picking again this weekend. A nice crumble and custard is definitely in order :-) Thank your for commenting on the Adventure Bugs post at #CountryKids this week and I hope you received my email x

    • Thank you Catherine, a nice crumble is hard to beat isn’t it. I did get your email, I can’t read it yet as my server was being changed over, but they are supposed to have it all changed by tonight!

  3. I love this post – such a nice childhood activity to go fruit picking! Eating most of your bounty is also half the fun, the photos are gorgeous – particularly the ones of baby sisters smiling face smeared with evidence. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  4. I loved blackberry picking and went for the first time with Mushroom this week! We are lucky to have a bush near us even though we live far from the country – it’s something I loved doing as a kid and it was lovely to share this with Mushroom… We didn’t have enough berries left to make crumble either!

  5. Oh so funny! Far better straight from the basket anyway. Realised today that the blackberries at the bottom of the garden are ripe, so I’ll be breaking out the pastry recipe tomorrow. Yummy!

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