Autumn Leaves- Country Kids

It’s been really cold here all week, but bundled up with fleece lined clothes and hats the girls have still spent loads of time rampaging around. The leaves are coming down thick and fast now in the garden, so daddy armed himself with the leaf blower, they all set off into the wilderness!Autumn Leaf Play


A pile of leaves later and all I could hear were shrieks of delighted laughter.  There they were, jumping, rolling and throwing huge armfuls of leaves all over themselves.playing in leavesJumping in Leavesburied in leavesthrowing leavesleafplaypiles of leaves


Apples were eaten straight off the trees and conkers were gathered and stamped on to be opened.autumn applesapples and leavesconker openingopening conkers

Autumn really is a fun season and I’m predicting many more days of leafy fun, perhaps with a nice bonfire or two thrown in for good measure.

I am linking this post with the fabulous Fiona from beautiful Coombe Mill for her brilliant Country Kids linky. Parents and kids, exploring the great outdoors together and having a fantastic time doing so.
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35 thoughts on “Autumn Leaves- Country Kids

  1. Aaahh adorable photos. Looks like lots of fun in the leaves. My girls do this too but usually when I don’t have the camera on me x

    • Thank you Karen, they did have the best time. I think the only reason I managed to get any pictures was that daddy had the camera with him x

  2. Yay to rolling about in the leaves – Autumn truly is my most favourite season. Hopefully it will be drier tomorrow so Peakles may have a roll about too! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Nichola what amazing photos. We have a leaf blower too which my boys love to take charge of. You have beaten me to this post, I have one every year based on fun in the leaves as we gather them up supposedly working! Your girls look so delightfully happy and carefree. What a wonderful childhood you are giving them. Thank you for sharing, You may just see the same post from me when Nick sorts out the petrol the boys filled our blower with my mistake when it should have been 2 stroke!

    • hahaha ooh Fiona we did that last year and it was my fault, I just poured in the petrol, then wondered why it wouldn’t start! Thankfully it wasn’t too hard to fix :)

  4. Fabulous photos! You can have so much fun with leaves :) Give it a couple of weeks and our garden will look like this too! Love that they ate the apples as they picked them and that you found conkers :)

    • Ah thank you Sara, it is leaf heaven for them and getting better by the day – or worse as daddy would say, he has to clear them :)

  5. Looks like they had tons of fun! It is amazing how exciting a pile of leaves can be to kids. Love your pics, especially the action shots.

  6. awwww i love your photos here – i LOVE this season and i love all the leaves and how they sound under my feet and i would totally LOVE to roll in a pile of leaves like your girls are doing! x

  7. I have so many happy memories of scrunching through leaves as a child! They looked like they had a blast! Oh yes, expect a parcel in the next few days ;)

  8. I still have a childish urge when I see piles of leaves to kick my way through them and throw them around. Look at their faces, pure enjoyment. hope the wee ones hat didnt get lost in amongst the leaves.

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