Alarm – ing!

Those little fire alarms, you know the ones the little box on the wall telling you to activate the alarm, break the glass and push the button.  Have you ever really, really wanted to break the glass?  Probably not, I guess it’s just me then.

Picture from Google

Picture from Google

I have sat on an aeroplane and wondered what would happen if I opened the cabin door!  Ok, I know what would happen if I opened the door and I also know that opening the doors just isn’t going to happen in a pressurised cabin unless I turn into the incredible hulk….but still!

I have sat on a train and looked at the emergency brake and, well I guess you know what I’m going to say.  I have really wanted to pull that frigging brake! 

emergency brake

Honestly, is it only me, who for a few seconds wants to rebel and do these things that we know we shouldn’t.  Push open the emergency exit door, just to see if it really is alarmed or have they put that sign up to try to stop people opening the door.  Because I’ve news for them, that just makes the temptation even greater.

I have a fire blanket in my kitchen, the type in a box attached to the wall.  It’s been there for years, just hanging on the wall.  I’ve never had to use it, due to my exceptional culinary abilities sheer luck.

fire blanket box

Anyway, the blanket taunts me occasionally, those little black tabs just hanging there, willing me to pull them.  So, yesterday I pulled them, I just reached out and gave them a big yank.

All that I can tell you is this.  If you are considering doing such a thing for yourself, don’t bother.  What a miserable feckin anti climax that was.  I don’t know what I expected really, a big bang or at least a loud pop, maybe a fanfare, ticker tape or Jim Morrison singing Light my Fire, in fact I’d have been happy with just Jim Morrison, he didn’t have to sing.  I got none of that, the nervous trepidation that I had as my hand crept towards the tabs was all for nothing.  A big sheet of silly flame retardant stuff just dropped out, no pop, no nothing.  It just flopped all over the place and did bugger all!


I was then left with this stupid blanket that folds up again like a map and I cannot fold a map.  No matter how carefully I follow the crease marks I get near the end and just fold the last bit in a big mess.  Eventually, I got it sort of folded, scrunched and shoved back in.  I hung it back on the wall with what I can only say was bitter disappointment.

Tomorrow, I might go for a ride on a train!

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4 thoughts on “Alarm – ing!

  1. Yes, I’ve been tempted by those damn things – but I had to laugh at what you did with your kitchens fire blanket – what an anti climax! Will you have to get a new one now?

    • haha, I’m glad it’s not just me Sarah. I was bitterly disappointed by the fire blanket. I was able to get it back inside the box and according to the packaging provided I didn’t use it for putting out a fire, then it is ok to do that.

  2. Reading your article I notice I have always been vaguely afraid of someone grasping an emergency break in a full-speed train or taking an fire hammer from the wall… and know I now there exists people who fancy doing just that…
    SCARY …but you write so well that I can trust you handle wisely the fire equipment as well ;-)

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