After 12 years of trying to have a baby, we gave up and resigned ourselves to the life of DINKS (Dual income no kids).  We partied, holidayed and stayed in bed until lunchtime at the weekend.  In 2008 miraculously we discovered I was pregnant, completely naturally with no medical intervention.  Tragically just as I hit the 6th month milestone, our little miracle died and part of us died too.  Our “safe” little world crumbled around us.  Eventually out of the tragedy came the desire to try one more time, again with no medical intervention and in 2010 after a terrifying 9 months our daughter was born, quickly followed in 2011 by her now 20 month old baby sister!

We live in sunny Northern Ireland or Norn Iron by it’s local prononciation.  Actually the bit about the sun is a complete lie, but I didn’t want to hamper tourism by saying it’s wet and windy more often than sunny.

After all those years of just the two of us, the adjustments we have had to make to our lives has been immense, chaotic and at times really hard. Come with me on my journey into my forties (how the hell did that happen, I don’t remember authorising this age thing!) as a new mum and keeper of chickens,a clean freak whose house is now a tip!  In the words of the god of music Mr Freddie Mercury – I’m going slightly mad.

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  1. This little description made me well up, I long for a baby but my partner who is younger than me says he isn’t ready yet. I spent 10 years in a previous relationship with a man who had had cancer and couldn’t have children naturally so I always thought I would have to go through IVF to have a chance at pregnancy. Even though I don’t have that hanging over my head now with my current partner I am still so scared I will never be able to have a child…..

    • Ah Michelle, I do hope you never have to face that and that when the time is right for you both, you easily get your dream baby. I do understand your worries though, but don’t ever give up hope xx

  2. It warmed my heart to read your story. I too lost a baby before having my two boys. And as a fellow clean-freak with a now messy house, maybe in about 18 years our homes will be tidy once again!xx

    • ah Alana, thank you so much for your lovely words and I am truly sorry that you too have suffered the tragedy of child loss, it is a hard and cruell path to walk on. It’s wonderful to know that you now have your two boys. We will probably be sitting in 18 years wishing our houses were messy again lol xxx :)

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