50 Shades of Pink!

Arrrrrrgggh!  This is the worst day for a very long time.  Our darling baby is bright pink from screaming most of the day, her cheeks are pink from teething and her eyes are pink from all the screaming.

Our toddler is pink from painting herself and her clothes! The playroom walls and floor are pink from said toddler and her artistic flair.  The television is pink after suffering the same fate as the floor and walls.  The window is streaked pink with strawberry yoghurt handprints *sigh*

My last load of washing is……..yup, you guessed it PINK!  A red top in with my light colours.  The leg of my black trousers now has a big pink streak, because I managed to rub against bleach.  My knuckles are pink from chewing on them to stop myself screaming!  My current mood today is blue!  As of today Pink Stinks.

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