50 Shades of Grey HAIR!

I was born blonde (no smart ass jokes now you lot!) it’s a mid – dark blonde, in summer it goes very light.  I’m talking Scandinavian proportions, then begins to darken again as summer fades.

It has been darkening for a few weeks now and what have I found? Only about a million Grey hairs! Boo hoo, that’s it age has caught up with me.  I finally have to admit I’m aging.  How bloody depressing is that.  I’ve really never thought that much about age before, it was only a number.  Turning 40 wasn’t that big a deal to me, I didn’t become an emotional wreck.  But this, this is something else, little old ladyhood is coming. I’m joining the realms of the blue rinse brigade waaa

My dilemma is to dye or not to dye?  I haven’t used hair dye since my teenage years, when I was plum, blue, green, I even recall a bad orange experience caused by using “Sun In” the day before I went on holiday to Spain, the Spanish sunshine managed to turn my hair orange and not a good orange.  I also went accidentally lilac the day before I was due to fly to America :/  So me and hair dye, have some bad memories.

I’m not going to dye my hair for reasons of vanity.  I’m too much of a Tom boy to be vain.  The reason I’m contemplating doing it is for the girls.  I don’t want to look like an old mummy.  There is a big age difference between myself and my elder sisters, so by the time my mum had me, she was 37 and hadn’t been planning any more babies.  When I started primary school, my sisters had already left and were at “big” school.  I can remember being slightly embarrassed and thinking that my mum was so old compared to everybody elses.  That sounds awful, I loved her dearly, I just didn’t want her to come right up to the school gates – ha, that sounds even worse.  But I was about 6 at the time, so it’s excusable.

By the time I got to primary 7, I think I actually realised that she wasn’t really more than a year or two older than any of my class mates mums.  She just somehow in my 6-year-old eyes looked it.  Ironically she is now 78 and looks younger.

I really don’t usually get hung up about my age.  Even at the dreaded baby clinic, were the average age is about 23 and anyone over 25 is looked upon as positively geriatric.  I walk in and I can see the look on their faces and you just know they think “wow look at the coffin dodger”!  They are dying to see inside the changing bag, just to see if I have a fold up Zimmer frame in there!

Anyway the point is, that I don’t want our daughter to start school in 2 years thinking I’m old.  I don’t want her to be embarrassed about me at the school gates.  I know that she may never think those things, but my memory of it is so vivid, that I can’t help but worry a little.

I don’t really look my age and most people age me at around 33 (I may just stop correcting them!).  I have pretty decent skin and so far, not that many wrinkles, so I reckon that by dyeing the greys away, I might have a fighting chance of warding off old age for a while longer.  By the time she starts school going by the 33 assumption, I’d look 35, instead of almost 43!

There are some very elegant, glamorous and gorgeous grey haired women out there, but something tells me, I definitely will not be one of them.  To add to my grey trauma, our baby is about to turn 1 and I have no idea where her first year has gone, surely I only had her 3 months ago no?

So what do you reckon do I go grey or do I reach for the bottle? – hair dye and Sloe Gin to numb the senses!

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5 thoughts on “50 Shades of Grey HAIR!

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  2. oh dear, I’m getting ready to turn 40, and I’ve been grey, completely, since my early 20′s…..I’m a lost cause!! haha
    Although, my teenage sons friends think I’m ‘sound’ (I’m told this is good), and my middle boy loves the funky colors I dye my hair….
    Anyway, I go with the dye job!! have fun!! x

  3. Ha, I’m going to go for it. I’m not sure yet how brave I’ll be, I’ll probably chicken out and just stay blonde, although secretly I’d love to be as daring as was when I was 17 and go purple!

  4. Eeek! it’s a pain I feel all too well…

    I started going grey when I was 29. Twenty nine! Not just any old grey – but Cruella De Ville stylee grey streaks on either temple!

    I reached for the bottle, and usually I’m not too vain, not a girly girl or one to even bother brushing my hair some days but just not quite ready to do a Schofield.

    Part of me thinks these days that I should just leave it be as I grow more and more aware of Scamp watching my every move, soaking in my actions. I’d like to try and be a positive female role model for her.

    But the other part of me screams CRUELLA DE VILLE ?!

    I’m sure you’ll make the right decision and I totally envy that you haven’t had to make it until now x

  5. Reading this I have been lucky to make it this far. It was such a shock to see so many. I’m not girly at all either and if it wasn’t for my own daft childhood thoughts about my “old” mammy I’d leave it. I do think about being a positive role model to them too, not wanting them to think, as women we have to do these things, but I know I’ll end up looking like some old fag ash grey hag, not Honor Blackman. I feel a L’oreal moment approaching!

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